Moog Magister is one of the main antagonists in the second season of the animated series. He is the lord of the Anguane witches, with Emily as second-in-command.

Animated Series

He use an amulet to control Bombolo to disable the defenses of Ancient Armory to get the monsters in the crypt, but attack was repelled by the young tamers, stating that Zick is very strong in a young age.[19] Seeing Zick is a treat, he orders Emily to make an metamorphic potion to turn Zick into a monster. When seeing Zick returned to normal and Anguane Fair was burn down due to the fight, he swear that he will destroy them one by one personality.[20] He appears again when the Anuguanes captured Zick and put him in a illusion that set many years later to his time and make up tell how to get to the armory. When Zick found out that the Bombo he knew was not like that, he was shot by Zick and waken for the illusion. He was quickly overpowered by Zick, and manage to escape when the Anguanes delay him.[21]

Comic Book Series

In the comic book series, he is the antagonist in issue 15 and 16 where he controlled a giant Gaiga monster called the No Name. He was defeated by the young Tamers when they combined their Dom energy into giant ball to be eaten by the No Name, and the monster, famished by centuries of imprisonment, ate the Energy along with Moog.